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No mental health beds in the Harrogate district – a real risk

MH maleThe approved plans for a specialised facility to be built on the outskirts of Harrogate have been put on hold, pending the outcome of a local consultation. There is the possibility that patients will have to travel out of the district to receive care. For patients living with dementia this would be extremely stressful – away from familiar surroundings and people.

To find out how you can express your views and attend a public event to discuss this issue, please visit our ‘Have your say‘ page. There are less than 2 weeks to make your views known.

‘We all have a story and cannot be understood without it’

‘Stories in dementia care: we all have a story and cannot be understood without it. Life story work typically involves helping people to make a record of some aspects of their life, most often in a book or template, although more creative approaches do exist, including the use of IT and stop frame animation. Increasingly, life story work is being promoted as an important tool for enhancing person-centred dementia care’. To find out more, follow this link to read an article from the Guardian newspaper.

Want to find out more about caring for someone with dementia?

Alzheimers Society


A four-week course for carers of people with dementia delivered by the Alzheimer’s Society, will start on 10th Nov 2015 – 10:00am to 12:00md.  Each week there will be a combination of speakers and group discussion led by staff and volunteers.  The programme  will include:

  • What is dementia? 
  • Understanding behaviour 
  • Legal matters

For more details, please see the ‘New Ventures & Special Events‘ section of the ‘Events’ page.

Older people in the media

motorcycles-012Older People in the Media – There is round up of issues and articles involving Older People which may interest you published in The Guardian newspaper. Follow this link.


Couple with laptop imagesCAOCBKUXThe Later Life newsletter provides the latest news on policy changes, good practice and initiatives, and their impact on older people. The January edition now available. Follow this link.

Are you a Dementia Friend?

Dementia friendsDementia Friends have received increasing publicity recently ….. perhaps you’ve seen the television advertisements. The project was started by the Alzheimer’s Society and is supported by NYCC. The project aims to increase the public’s awareness of dementia and highlights how individuals can help people suffering from dementia to live well. To find out more, visit one of the Alzheimer’s Society drop-ins at Harrogate library or watch and interact with this on-line video.


New standard of care for those with dementia

A new standard of care for those with dementia is being launched. The ‘Triangle of Care’ promotes the involvement of the patient, carer and healthcare professionals in providing improved care. The importance of the carer, as the person who knows the patient best, is emphasised. The Triangle of Care highlights six key standards, which have been identified by people with dementia, their carers and healthcare professionals. Click  Triangle of care for details.