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One of the founding principles of this forum is to enable members to influence issues affecting older people in the Harrogate district.

 Published reports and results of surveys can be found on the ‘Publications’ page on the ‘Information Hub‘.

Please note that consultations appear in order of their closing dates!


Does your local pharmacy meet your needs?

Pharmacy signThe county council is asking residents to share their views about whether existing pharmacy services are in the right place, open at the right time and provide the services needed. To participate in the survey, please follow this link.

Survey closes March 28th 2022.


Public survey has ended

Bank HubKnaresborough has been chosen as one of five new locations across the country for a Banking Hub. Following the closure of the final bank in Knaresborough, last year, residents have experienced difficulty obtaining cash. There is now hope that a Banking Hub could improve the situation. Banking Hubs aim to provide banking counter services suited to the needs of the community. Each bank is allocated a day of the week when their community banker will be able to meet customers in-branch and answer queries about their bank’s accounts and products, while there will still be a counter service run by the Post Office, which can manage everyday items such as paying a bill or withdrawing cash. To ensure their views are heard, residents were encouraged to complete an on-line survey before March 14th 2022.

Meanwhile, the Newcastle Building Society has announced that it will be opening a branch in Knaresborough library and hopes local residents will use the service as much as possible.#




What are your thoughts on climate change?

Harrogate Borough CouncilIn partnership with Harrogate Borough Council (HBC), the Harrogate District Climate Change Coalition (HDCCC) has recently developed two climate change surveys  – one for residents, one for businesses/employees. The results of each survey will inform the HDCCC communications strategy, to ensure it provides the best possible help and information to people in Harrogate District. HBC will use the results to develop their Carbon Reduction Plan. Zero Carbon Harrogate and other community groups may also find some of the results useful.

The residents survey is open until 28th March 2021. The business/employee survey is open until 4th April 2021.    https://www.hdccc.info/post/rural-urban-survey-businesses-residents

Both surveys are also available from the HBC Have Your Say page https://www.harrogate.gov.uk/consultations-engagement/say



The Police Fire and Crime Commissioner is seeking your views

Police Fire Crime CommissionerJulia Mulligran, North Yorkshire Police Fire and Crime Commissioner would like you to express your views about possible changes to the precpt. To take part in the survey (less than 5 minutes) please follow this link.  before January 13th 2021.




A chance to have a say about the Knaresborough swimming pool site

Knaresborough poolHarrogate Borough Council is asking residents to state their opinions on the use of the existing Pool site for a new leisure facility. You can take part in the survey on-line at:  https://bit.ly/36CRZKP

The survey closes on January 18th 2021


Public consultation about a range of public health services for children

Online events are being held for people to hear about plans for a range of public health services for children and young people across North Yorkshire, with the county facing a cut in Public Health funding. More information on-line:   ow.ly/RQ5E50C3U1I

NYCC childcare



Wheelchair accessible taxi provision survey

Wheelchair taxi


Harrogate Borough Council is seeking your views on the provision of wheelchair accessible taxis within the Harrogate District. To find out more:  click here.   The survey closes June 5th. To take part follow this link




Extra funding for buses!

bus stopNorth Yorkshire County Council is to receive extra Government funding to support bus services.The authority now wants to hear the public’s thoughts on how to invest the cash. For further information, please follow this link.

Completed proposal forms should be emailed to passenger.transport@northyorks.gov.uk     by March 8th 2020. 

Passenger Transport Team, North Yorkshire County Council 01609 780780


Harrogate District’s Horticultural Future Survey

MontpellierWhat do you think about Harrogate District’s parks and green spaces? In recent years, nearly 20 flowerbeds have been grassed over near the town centre. Harrogate Borough Council (HBC) is keen to hear you views on how the parks and green spaces should be managed – what works, what needs improvement. Your feedback will help shape the direction of the parks service and how it will operate its parks, gardens and open spaces for the next 10 years and beyond. The survey consists of five questions and the consultation closes on February 23rd 2020. Please follow this link.



CQC launches year long campaign

CQCThe Care Quality Commission has launched a year long campaign asking people to speak out about their care and have issued the following bulletin:

‘According to new research, almost 7 million people who used health and social care over the past 5 years didn’t raise concerns they had about their care. Most of these people say they now regret not doing so.

But the majority of people who did raise a concern say they were happy with the outcome and found their issue was resolved quickly. Raising concerns also helped services to improve. In March, we’re focusing on people with long-term conditions’.

Find out more about the Declare your care campaign


Are you excited or concerned about the proposed ‘cliff lift’ in Knaresborough?

240px-Knaresborough_viewOver the years, Renaissance Knaresborough’s  not-or-profit organisation has carried out a number of projects to improve Knaresborough including The Viaduct Terrace on Waterside and improvements to Frazer Theatre and Bebra Gardens as well as organising festivals and other events.  Problematic access between Waterside and the rest of the town centre has long been seen as a major problem and currently we are working on a proposal to introduce a Cliff Lift to help regenerate the town centre and improve quality of life for local people and those visiting the town.

This project is on-going. You can find out more about the plans and have your say at renaissanceknaresborough.co.uk


How to opt-out of sharing your confidential information

hand holding a stethoscope over computer keyboard with a securitNHS Digital are introducing a new tool that people can use to opt out of their confidential patient information being used for reasons other than their individual care and treatment.This is part of a vision to improve patients’ trust and confidence in how data is looked after by the health and social care system. Patients and the public who decide they do not want their personally identifiable data used for planning and research purposes will be able to set their national data opt-out choice online. Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you can select which types of research studies you wish to opt-out of, rather than choosing all research studies. For further information click Patient Data handout.

The national data opt-out will be available for the public online from 25thMay  at https://digital.nhs.uk/services/national-data-opt-out-programme. For those who do not want to or cannot access the service digitally, there will be also be a national telephone service available on 0300 303 5678. Alternatively, there is a ‘Print and Post’ form which you can use, if you prefer. If you are a carer, guardian or have Power of Attorney for someone, you can also opt-out on their behalf using the Proxy form.


Would you like to join the Which? campaign to fix our failing care system?

Compassionate Elder CareThe Consumer Association (Which?) is campaigning to get the Government to fix the care system, as a matter of priority. Which? estimates that ‘the care home population is already bigger than the City of Manchester and it’s set to grow rapidly over the coming years’.

As increasing numbers of care homes are closing, there are insufficient places for people who need them.  Care homes are struggling to provide the care which individuals need. For some residents this can mean that they are not receiving adequate care, or are having to move to another care home when their existing care home closes. To participate in the Which? campaign, please follow this link:  https://campaigns.which.co.uk/care-system


No mental health beds in Harrogate District – unthinkable, or is it?

MH maleMake sure that you have your say on the future of mental health beds in the district. There is a possibility that all the beds in the district could close and then patients and relatives would have to travel to York or elsewhere for care. For those suffering from dementia this could be an added anxiety, not to mention the burden it would put on their family. Those living with dementia need the reassurance of familiar surroundngs and people to help them cope. Your views about the future provision of mental health care are essential, if residents are to be able to access care in Harrogate. The approved plans for a specialised unit to be built on the outskirts of Harrogate have been put on hold, pending the outcome of this consultation.

You can also send your views and suggestions to:  tewv.harrogateengagement@nhs.net   or FREEPOST TEWV


Bite size guide for improving deafblind patient and carer public voice in the NHS 

NHS EnglandNHS England is committed to ensuring that patient; carer and public voices help shape healthcare services and inform service development. A bite size guide is now available to help deafblind people participate in patient and public involvement opportunities.

Friends, family and carers are encouraged to download and read this bite size guide to help deafblind people get involved. To download and read this bite size guide and other useful resources, visit our Involvement Hub.


Care for the Carers wants your opinion on carers’ rights

Carer logo


Are you a carer? Are you aware of your rights? Care for the Carers invites to to participate in a survey:

Click here to participate.





Knaresborough resident’s views sought


Knaresborough Town Council is determined to represent residents to the best of its abilities. To help inform decision making, the current council have implemented an annual survey to ensure they are focussing efforts in the right areas and communicating with residents as effectively as possible. This is the first survey and the intention is to run it each year.

Complete the survey at https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/R9XNRGQ



Have you heard about the CQC’s online community?

CQCThe CQC’s online community is where the public can get involved in its work and take part in discussions. It use the public online community website to gather the public’s feedback on everything from draft policies and proposals to posters and leaflets. Community feedback will be used to shape how it works and develops the information it provides to help people choose care.

It also posts regular news updates to the community website, including updates about how you can get involved in its work.  Join its public online community now.


The CQC wants to hear about the quality of Care For Older People

Female & carer 2Research has shown that older people are less likely to complain about services and are less aware of the different ways they can share their views. However it is also known that older people are the most regular users of health services. Two out of three people admitted to hospital and 70% of hospital emergency beds are taken by those aged 65 and over. It is vital that the voices of our growing elderly population are heard.

If you are aged 60 or over and receiving care, or a friend or family member of someone who is, the Care Quality Commission want you to tell them about the care you’ve received, good or bad. Their inspectors can’t be everywhere at once and your information will help them to  decide when, where and what to inspect. By telling them about your experiences, you could stop poor care happening to someone else. For further details, follow this link.


Healthwatch North Yorkshire GP Access SurveyFemale doc and male

When it comes to consistency and continuity of care, how important is it for you to have access to your preferred GP whenever you request an appointment? (from April 2015 onwards)

Healthwatch North Yorkshire is currently conducting a survey around GP access and would be grateful if you contributed your experiences here  GP Access Survey….



Connect with personal health budget holders at peoplehub

People HubPeoplehub is the national user-led network for personal health budget holders, bringing people together to share experiences and help shape national policy. You can find out more about them on the peoplehub website or by joining their Facebook group. Hear more about the important contribution peoplehub makes in this short film.  (Information provided by NHS England).




Could you be apart of the North Yorkshire Police Stop and Search Lay Observer Scheme?

Stop and search 2

The Best Use of Stop and Search Scheme requires police forces to provide opportunities for members of the public to accompany police officers on patrol when they might deploy stop and search powers. if you might be interested in participating in the scheme, please follow this link.



CQC wants your views to help develop their 2016 to 2021 strategy

CQCIn 2013 the CQC launched Raising Standards, Putting People First – a three year strategy introducing its new approach to regulation including the appointment of three chief inspectors.

It is now developing a new strategy to be launched in spring 2016. This will be a five year strategy that will set out its vision for health and social care quality regulation in the future.The CQC would like you to complete its web survey to help it develop the new strategy. This is an informal opportunity to feed into the strategy as it develops. In early 2016 it will run a formal consultation on the proposed approach, before publishing a finalised strategy later in the year.



Review of care for older people

CQCThe Care Quality Commission (CQC) is seeking your comments on its review of care for older people. This review looks at care for older people and explores how different services are organised and coordinated, and how this affects the quality of care that people receive. If you would like to share your experience, please contact the CQC on 03000 61 61 61, enquiries@cqc.org.uk, or their online form. For details of  ‘Integrated Care for older People’ click here.


Do you want to have your say about the NHS?

NHS Citizen

If you are interested in following the work of the NHS England board, it’s meetings are available on video and each meeting is broadcast live. Follow this link, if you are interested in viewing the meetings. You can also register to receive ‘In Touch’, the newsletter for members of the public.



Harrogate District Housing Forum

Housing strategyThe Forum meets four times per year and is open to all partners, tenant representatives and councillors.

The Forum forms a key part of the housing consultation and engagement structures set up by Harrogate Borough Council to support and advise in developing and implementing the Housing Strategy and other associated strategies. The forum is open to any agency or individual with an interest in housing and homelessness in the district.

For more information go to the Harrogate District Council web site


Help to improve the NHS with feedback on your local NHS services

NHS EnglandAll of us can help improve the NHS by giving feedback after visiting the dentist, a GP practice, or when we use local hospitals, community services and mental health services.  The Friends and Family Test enables patients to make their voices heard and is a quick way for all patients to give NHS staff a “thank you” or say how things could be better. Patients have already given more than 7 million responses in two years and the Friends and Family Test is now operating across most parts of the NHS.

Do you have concerns about staying safe on-line or have you been a victim of an on-line scam?

policeDo you have concerns about the internet and about being a victim of cyber crime?
If so, North Yorkshire Police Cyber Crime is conducting a short anonymous survey which gives you an opportunity to share those fears. By completing it, you will help them build a picture to understand better the fear of cyber crime in our local communities.

To complete the survey click here.


What has been your experience of Yorkshire patient transport?

Healthwatch 2At a recent board meeting, representatives from Yorkshire patient transport spoke about patient transport. The service is run by the Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS) and Hester Rowell, Head of Engagement, spoke about eligibility for the service and how people can access it. Healthwatch would like to know how you have found the service. Were you satisfied or could it be improved?

To share your views and experiences:

e-mail   healthwatchny@nbforum.co.uk  or telephone 01904 621631


‘Fix My Street’ service

Street potholesHarrogate Borough Council is encouraging the district’s residents to use its new FixMyStreet service – a one-stop shop for reporting Common Street problems that the council needs to address. 

By visiting http://harrogate.fixmystreet.com, or by using the application which is downloadable to smart phones and tablets, people can register problems which the council needs to know about such as graffiti, fly tipping, littering, dog fouling, damaged signs, faulty street lights, broken paving slabs, potholes, damaged playground equipment and overgrown footpaths.

Have your say on the new Local Plan for the District Harrogate Borough CouncilThe Council has drawn up a plan for the district looking towards 2035.  In addition to containing policies to help deliver new homes, jobs, retail, leisure and commercial development, the Local Plan will seek to create and protect open space.

Further details about the Local Plan are available on the Council’s website at www.harrogate.gov.uk/plan/Pages/LDF.aspx

To assist in this process the following questions ask for your views on some of the issues that will be addressed in the Local Plan relating to open space. www.harrogate.gov.uk/surveys/LocalOpenSpace/dp_feb_2015.htm

Harrogate Borough Council

Harrogate Borough Council

To keep up-to-date with the latest consultations from the Council,  click here.

Health Service Provision

Health topics

The Harrogate & Rural District Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is consulting local residents about health service provision in the district. If you would like to find out how you can influence decisions on the services which are available or if you have questions you would like to ask the CCG ….. join their information service HaRD Net and find out about all the latest developments. There are also some interesting publications including the group’s vision for unpaid carers.

Your involvement can be as much as you like: receive a quarterly newsletter, take part in surveys etc.

  Join HaRD Net today and have your say!     Click here  or telephone  01423 799300

The Care Quality Commission is seeking your views

CQCDon’t forget to have your say about local health services. The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is asking for  feedback from  health service users and their relatives and carers. If you would like to keep up-to-date with the CQC’s work, why not sign up for its monthly newsletter?