Organisations (a-z)

imagesCAKO0I8S info signpostSometimes it is difficult to find the information you need. Your local library can be a useful place to start. Not only do they have lots of literature about organisations, but you may also be able to access the internet there.

There are lots of organisations which are involved with interests of people over 50. If you are looking for help and advice, their websites can provide a wealth of information. Sometimes you may just need a contact telephone number, while at other times you may need up-to-date information or want to download an information leaflet. Keeping up-to-date with the work an organisation is easy, just opt to receive their newsletter (if they produce one) via e-mail. And, if you decide that you no longer want to receive the newsletter ….. just ‘unsubscribe’ by clicking on the appropriate button (it’s usually at the bottom of the screen – sometimes in the small print).

Here are the links to some organisations, which may be useful:

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Organisations & local support groups

Organisations & local support groups



Directory of Services & national organisations

Directory of services & national organisations