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23 million hours of unpaid care provided by over 80s

Couple caring for each other 2A report published by Age UK indicates that 23 million hours of unpaid care is provided by people over 80. This is equivalent to 1.2 billion hours of care a year at a saving of £23 million to the healthcare system.

Unfortunately this comes at a personal cost to the health of the carers, who are often living with long-term health and mobility problems and who are unable to get any  breaks or respite from their duties.

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Who is a Carer?

Carers allowanceCommunity First Yorkshire states that ‘a carer is someone who, without payment, provides help and support to a friend, neighbour or relative who could not manage otherwise because of frailty, illness or disability. They may even be juggling paid work with caring responsibilities at home’.

Following Carers’ Week, it is important to ensure that carers are aware of the resources available to them. Carers’ Resource has gathered some quick information about each allowance and benefit. Also, Carers UK has an online tool to guide you to information about benefits and other entitlements.

New standard of care for those with dementia

A new standard of care for those with dementia is being launched. The ‘Triangle of Care’ promotes the involvement of the patient, carer and healthcare professionals in providing improved care. The importance of the carer, as the person who knows the patient best, is emphasised. The Triangle of Care highlights six key standards, which have been identified by people with dementia, their carers and healthcare professionals. Click  Triangle of care for details.