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Let’s Talk Money

British-currency-in-senior-males-handsBearing in mind that plans for the formation of the new Harrogate Council are in a state of flux and have now been delayed until later next year, for those of you who are keen to shape the decision-making process in the Harrogate district, please consider participating in the following surveys.

Let’s Talk Money

The Council currently has a mounting deficit of £25m, and this is your opportunity to highlight what you think the Council’s spending priorities should be. Perhaps there is a council-run service which you particularly need and would like to safeguard. Your opinion matters, so click on the following link in order to have your say. There are also instructions for those who do not have internet access, so that they can participate.

Survey ends Monday December 18th 2023.

Banking hub survey ends March 14th!

Bank HubFollowing the closure of the final bank in Knaresborough, last year, residents have experienced difficulty obtaining cash. There is now hope that a Banking Hub could improve the situation. Banking Hubs aim to provide banking counter services suited to the needs of the community. To ensure their views are heard, residents were encouraged to complete an on-line survey before March 14th

For further details, please see our ‘Have your say’ page

‘Free’ wills month

uk-will-writing-network-will-roseSaint Michael’s Hospice has launched its annual Make a Will Month, where people can make or amend a will and local trusted solicitors across the Harrogate District will waive the fee so a donation can be made so Saint Michael’s.

People can register their interest via their website here: or via the telephone: (01423) 878 628. Do spread the word, if you know of anyone who might be interested.