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Scams, scams and more scams!

scam 8Never underestimate the ingenuity of the criminal mind when it comes to scams. The art of deception comes in a myriad of forms. Offers which seem ‘to good to be true’ – usually are! Anyone approaching you (on the telephone, by post, on your doorstep or in the street) to offer you a ‘great opportunity’ whether it’s to make or save money (or anything else) should be viewed with suspicion. Every day someone becomes a victim of scammers, but it is possible to keep yourself safe – arm yourself with information. This article from the BBC provides a comprehensive overview of scams. There is also further information in relation to ‘pension scams’ on the ‘Topical News‘ page. Don’t let the scammers win – stay safe!

Older people in the media

motorcycles-012Older People in the Media – There is round up of issues and articles involving Older People which may interest you published in The Guardian newspaper. Follow this link.


Couple with laptop imagesCAOCBKUXThe Later Life newsletter provides the latest news on policy changes, good practice and initiatives, and their impact on older people. The January edition now available. Follow this link.