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New deaf cafe

Deaf cafe

Every second Thursday of the month, 2 -4pm at Harrogate Library
A chance to meet others and socialise. Everybody is welcome and a special welcome to those who are deaf, hard of hearing or have a dual sensory impairment. A member of NYCC Sensory team will be at each session to offer advice and information.



What do you think? Make your views known

Survey - your views matter

Lots of consultations and surveys in progress. Don’t miss the opportunity to make your views known. See our ‘Have your say’ page.



  • Service users and carers with experience of the Mental Health Act are asked to complete an online survey to have their say on an Independent Review of the Act.
  • The rise in numbers comes as the NHS is running a public consultation into whether England should follow Wales and introduce an opt-out donation scheme.
  • NHS England wants to hear the views of patients and the public on the prescribing of over-the-counter medicines for minor conditions.
  • The Government are consulting on plans to extend the Blue Badge scheme
  • NHS England has commissioned Quality Health to run an online survey to gather feedback about people’s experiences of personal health budgets in England.

Have your say on health services in the district

Health in sand


There are currently several consultations on the provision of local health services. Have you had your say? This is our opportunity to help shape parts of the health service for the future.

Consultations include:

  • Pharmacy service provision
  • Helping people stay well and independent in the local community
  • Improving patient safety and learning from errors
  • Changes in GP services

Details of all of these consultations are on our ‘Have Your Say’ webpage. Make sure you express your views on these important matters.


Don’t ignore the household enquiry form!

Voter registrationLots of us get heaps or junk mail every week. Even so, it’s worthwhile checking you’re not missing an important communication.Currently, household enquiry forms are being distributed to householders. Even if all the information is correct, or you have recently provided the information, you have a legal obligation to reply. Failure to complete this form, or register a response on-line, could leave you facing a £1,000 fine. To find out more, click here.

Have you seen something suspicious?

Terrorist attack 2The police are keen to encourage the public’s support in preventing terrorism and assisting in the investigation of terrorist attacks. Following the recent terrorist attack in Westminster, the police are trying to increase public awareness of how people can assist them. To find out what happens when you report something suspicious  Click here.

New Guide to Healthy Ageing


‘A Practical Guide to Healthy Ageing’ (online pdf)  produced in conjunction with Age UK,  is intended to help people to stay physically and mentally well by providing “hints and tips” on how to keep fit and independent. While it is aimed at people of any age, it is particularly relevant for people aged around 70 years or older who are beginning to find that everyday tasks now take them longer to do and may be suffering from mild frailty.