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Can you help?

Guide dog image

The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association are currently looking for volunteers who could care for their puppies for one year within this area. This involves teaching them basic commands and valuable socialisation skills. This role is full time as the puppies cannot be left for more than a couple of hours a day. Therefore, it is a perfect opportunity for volunteers who are recently retired, looking for a companion or something to do to increase their socialisation. All food and veterinary costs are covered by Guide Dogs within the role.  Please follow this link for further information.    Guide dogs

Less than 4% on low incomes take up high interest saving scheme

Piles of new £1 poundsAccording to the Government, only 312,000 people, out of the 3.5 million who are eligible, have participated in an saving scheme which could earn them a 50% interest rate. The scheme known as ‘Help to Save’ rewards low income earners who save from £1 to £50 per month, even if they are claiming pension credits of universal credit. To find out more, please see our Finance page.


Winter’s coming! Be prepared.

fosted-windscreenFrosty mornings means scraping car windows and warming the engine before driving off. However, take care and do to leave your vehicle unattended or it could be someone else driving off in it, instead of you!

Here are some tips about 5 essential winter care accessories. Also, you can get more winter driving advice on our ‘Topical News’ page.

Dementia and Sensory Challenges Booklet

Dementia and Sensory Challenges Booklet

This booklet was inspired by and created with the words of people with dementia to give readers ideas on how to make the lives of people with dementia more pleasant, allowing them to be more socially included and no longer feeling alone.  The booklet was created with funding support from the Life Changes Trust.  You can download the booklet and an accompanying film here.

An inspirational little poem

Dash - Linda EllisLinda Ellis’ poem ‘The Dash’ appears on the February page of Gracious Street’s Grapevine magazine. It is an inspiring poem about how to live one’s life. To read the poem click here. To read about the author Linda Ellis, follow this link. (If you can’t read it, increase the contrast by highlighting the text (click in the text and then press Ctrl A)).

Dying without dignity report

Health Ombudsman phso-logoEnd of life care could be improved for up to 355,000 people a year in England, according to a report published recently by the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman. The report highlights tragic cases where people’s suffering could have been avoided or lessened with the right care and treatment, as they approached the end of their lives.

The Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman makes final decisions on complaints about the NHS in England, including where there is a dispute about what happened. The Ombudsman service identified a range of issues with end of life care from its casework.    Continue reading