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Pension scams advice

Pension scams 2The Pensions Regulator has circulated the following document to advise people on pension scams. The main tactics scammers use are:
1. Making contact out of the blue
2. Making promises of high /guaranteed returns
3. Offering free pension reviews
4. Allowing access to your pension before age 55
5. Pressurising you to act quickly
The document can be accessed at

It is well worth a read    (Courtesy of NY Police)

‘Benefits matter’

Benefits 3Benefits and allowances are the subject of our next Forum meeting on November 26th, details of which can be found on the ‘Forum Events’ page.

It has been reported that two thirds of those eligible do not claim the marriage allowance and grandparents are missing out on boosts to their pensions, if they are looking after grandchildren. Make sure you’re not missing out. For further information about some of the benefits and allowances to which you may be entitled, please visit the ‘Topical News’ page.