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Could you be entitled to the ‘marriage allowance’

HMRC 3Remember when David Cameron was Prime Minister and he was promoting the institution of marriage? No? Well as part of this, the marriage allowance was initiated. People who are married or in a civil partnership are eligible. Like some other allowances and benefits, the uptake has been described as ‘shockingly low’. To find out how this allowance works and if you could apply for it (very simple, apparently) please follow this link. Free money ….. how can you lose? Even if your partner has died since April 5th 2015, you could sttill apply.

Do your finances need a spring clean?

Piles of poundsIt’s that time of year when financial matters come to the fore ….. household insurance, car insurance and energy supplies are just some of the things which may be occupying your mind. Not to mention, trying to make the most of your savings. Help is at hand. Paul Lewis, the financial advisor, who appears on BBC television, Money Box on the radio and writes a column in the Radio Times, is offering advice in the latest issue of InTouch newsletter.