NHS – Alert! Update on the care.data project

NHS – Alert!
NHS care.data scheme

NHS care.data scheme

The government has announced that the implementation of its care.data project has been postponed until the Autumn, following concerns expressed by the Royal Colleges, charities, private companies, patients and the British Medical Association that there has been inadequate public notification and that many people do not understand the implications of the scheme. There are concerns that NHS England has failed to inform patients about how the data collected will be used, and by whom, which could undermine patients’ confidence in the NHS. Nor has the right to opt-out of the scheme been publicised adequately.

This scheme was the subject of our forum meeting on May 29th.

There has been a lot of controversy about this project, please read the posts on the ‘Blog’ page, (together with comments about our recent meeting to discuss the topic), so that you can make an informed decision before giving your consent to the Government’s use of your medical records.