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It’s time to prepare for winter driving.

Driving - winter snow on windscreenFrosty mornings means scraping car windows and warming the engine before driving off. However, take care and do to leave your vehicle unattended or it could be someone else driving off in it, instead of you!

For details on how to prepare your car for winter driving, follow this link. For further advice on how to get weather updates, notification of incidents and other warnings, please go to our ‘Topical News’ page.

Worried about the latest global cyber attack?

cybercrime 2The latest global cyber attack has hit the headlines over the past few days, with predictions that reports of hacks might increase this week. However, it’s considered unlikely that individuals will be affected. However, if a computer is affected, advice should be sought about how to deal with it, but will probably involve re-installing the operating system (to remove the risk of malware), before accessing any files. For further information, please visit our ‘alerts’ page.

Have you seen something suspicious?

Terrorist attack 2The police are keen to encourage the public’s support in preventing terrorism and assisting in the investigation of terrorist attacks. Following the recent terrorist attack in Westminster, the police are trying to increase public awareness of how people can assist them. To find out what happens when you report something suspicious  Click here.