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Scammers collect £5.5 million in 2 weeks!

cybercrime-2The Consumer Association (Which?) reports that ‘in less than two weeks, we’ve recorded over £5.5m lost to bank transfer scams. Over 650 people have shared their story – with one person reported to have lost a whopping £395,000. The £5.5m is just the tip on the iceberg.

This is the harsh reality of bank transfer scams and something the Payment Systems Regulator (PSR) will not be able to ignore. Banks must better protect customers who are tricked into transferring money to a fraudster’. If you would like to support Which? in trying to protect people from becoming victims, please consider signing the ‘Safeguard us from Scams’ campaign.

Patients and staff shut out of NHS transformation plans

ambulance_1701302c‘NHS England has told local health leaders not to reveal the plans to the public or the media until they are finalised and have been approved by their own officials first, according to published documents and a new analysis by the King’s Fund. The national body even told local managers to refuse applications from the media or the public to see the proposals under the Freedom of Information Act’. (Guardian 14.11.16). To find out more, please go to ‘Older People’s Issues – news items’ on the ‘Publications’ page.

Winter’s coming! Be prepared.

fosted-windscreenFrosty mornings means scraping car windows and warming the engine before driving off. However, take care and do to leave your vehicle unattended or it could be someone else driving off in it, instead of you!

Here are some tips about 5 essential winter care accessories. Also, you can get more winter driving advice on our ‘Topical News’ page.

Check out these tips for safe travel this summer

Couple on silver sandIf you’re travelling alone, follow this link for good advice about how to keep safe and basic self-defence.

U-Switch has provided a useful guide to driving abroad and ensuring that you have appropriate car insurance.

And don’t forget to see our ‘Topical News’ page for information about the need for biometric passports if you’re travelling to the USA.

New Guide to Healthy Caring

Picture2This guide has been produced by NHS England.  ‘A Practical Guide to Healthy Caring’ (online pdf) aims to support the 5.4 million carers, and in particular those 1.2 million aged over 65, who make a critical and often under-appreciated contribution not only to loved ones, neighbours and friends, but to the very sustainability of the NHS itself. The Guide is an A4 magazine-style publication that members of the public, professionals and organisations such as CCGs, pharmacists, Fire and Rescue Services and GPs can order free by ringing  0300 123 1002 or  through the Department of Health website