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Could you be eligible for a Harrogate Better Homes grant?

Home improvement imageGrants and interest free loans are available to households in the Harrogate area for home energy improvements to give you a warmer home and lower bills. To be eligible your home must be suitable for insulation or need a new boiler and your total household income must be less than £35,000. (Data Source: Community First Yorkshire)

Find out if you are covered at

It’s ‘free wills’ month again

uk-will-writing-network-will-roseIf you haven’t yet made a will, or you need to amend an existing simple will, now is the time to do it. In association with various charities, some solicitors are participating in a scheme for ‘free’ wills, this month. To find out more click here.

You  may have seen advertisements for cheap options for will writing, but be sure that they are suitable for your circumstances. For more information, follow this link.


Today sees the issue of the new £10 note

New £10 noteToday, the new £10 note is released.  In common with the recently issued new £5 notes, the £10 note is made of polymer and contains holographic security details. It is smaller than the note it replaces, being only slightly larger than the £5 note. To aid identification, for those with visual impairments, there is a textured £10 symbol in the top left hand corner of the face of the note. Also, an image of Jane Austen is featured on the back of the note ….. the first female to be featured since Elizabeth Fry.

PPI claims warning!

PPI claims

The deadline for PPI claims is August 29th 2019 ….. or is it?

We’re all probably fed up of hearing about making claims for mis-sold PPI payments. ‘PPI stands for Payment Protection Insurance – an insurance policy sold alongside loans, cards, overdrafts, mortgages and catalogue accounts. It’s designed to cover repayments in the event of an accident, sickness or unemployment and in itself there’s nothing wrong with it – but it was frequently mis-sold, and many are owed as a result’.

Warning! While advertisements are advising people that the deadline for claims is 29th August 2019, for millions of customers the deadline could be as much as 8 months earlier. For further details, follow this link.

Less than a month to go ……!

poundsThere’s less than a month to go before the old £1 coins will no longer be valid. So it’s time to start going through your pockets, handbags and piggy banks to search for any forgotten coins. The last date for valid use of the old £1 coin is October 15th 2017.

After that date, the coins can be taken to a bank. However, most of the high street banks have indicated that this service will only be offered to their own customers. For further details, follow this link.

Warning! The old fivers will be withdrawn on May 5th

5 pound note - oldIt has been announced that the old £5 note will be withdrawn from circulation on May 5th, sooner than expected by some. Indications are that, while some businesses might accept the old notes from their own customers, others might not. So, the sooner you exchange them the better. While the notes will retain their face value, exchanging them after May 5th could necessitate a visit to the Bank of England in London ….. or you could post them.