Don’t ignore the household enquiry form!

Voter registrationLots of us get heaps or junk mail every week. Even so, it’s worthwhile checking you’re not missing an important communication.Currently, household enquiry forms are being distributed to householders. Even if all the information is correct, or you have recently provided the information, you have a legal obligation to reply. Failure to complete this form, or register a response on-line, could leave you facing a £1,000 fine. To find out more, click here.

How do you get around the Harrogate district?

Penny farthing

Join us at our Forum meeting on July 27th to discuss transport issues in the Harrogate District. We have invited representatives from the local transport service providers to give an overview of their services and answer questions from members of the public.

To find out more, please see our ‘Forum Events‘ page.

How are you ‘getting around’?

Bike sculptureGetting around and combatting  loneliness and isolation …..

Join the Forum for their meeting on July 27th to find out how the over 50s are getting around. We have invited representatives from bus companies, a taxi company. North Yorkshire County Council, Happy Wanderers and more, to give an overview of the services they offer. We will then have a ‘Question Time’ style discussion about transport issues in the Harrogate District. For further details see our ‘Forum Events’ page.

The sun is shining – so kick up your heels!

Dancing 2It’s time to join the Over 50s Forum and enhance your wellbeing with a little dancing. Come and ‘skip the light fandango’ – as the saying goes. Suitable for all shapes, sizes and abilities.

Jackie Terry-Schuhmann is a director of Dancing for Well-Being, a non-profit organisation, with currently 5 groups in Harrogate District. Jackie led one of our Forum meetings about 15 months ago and her routines were very popular. Many people have asked for her return – so here she is. Jackie will use a mixture of music from all over the world and more familiar music that everyone can sing-a-long to while we dance. Some dances include props such as scarves, velvet elastic, hats and cheerleader pompoms which all add greatly to the fun. You can really let your
hair down and be spontaneous; there are no right or wrong moves, only variations!

See our ‘Forum Events’ page for further details.

Worried about the latest global cyber attack?

cybercrime 2The latest global cyber attack has hit the headlines over the past few days, with predictions that reports of hacks might increase this week. However, it’s considered unlikely that individuals will be affected. However, if a computer is affected, advice should be sought about how to deal with it, but will probably involve re-installing the operating system (to remove the risk of malware), before accessing any files. For further information, please visit our ‘alerts’ page.